DUI Defense: Glendale Police Receive Grant To Help Enforcement

It’s common knowledge that getting behind the wheel while intoxicated is never a good idea and possibly one of the most dangerous things a person can do. In the state of California, those suspected of driving under the influence of alcohol can face serious charges and potential jail time. In recent years, police forces across the state have stepped up efforts to crack down on drunk driving, which can make DUI defense extremely difficult. However, those who have been charged have options at their disposal.

To help combat the drunk driving problem, the Glendale Police Department recently received a $425,000 grant. The grant was from the California Office of Traffic Safety. Reportedly, the money will be used for enforcement activities such as increased patrols and DUI checkpoints, as well as education.

According to statistics, almost 700 people were arrested for DUI in 2015 in Glendale. Police say the funding will help improve public safety, reduce traffic fatalities and raise public awareness. The funds will also help provide more patrols around city streets where higher rates of pedestrian and bike-related crashes have occurred.

Being arrested and charged with a DUI can lead to many sleepless nights filled with stress and anxiety. Moreover, the damage a charge such as this can do to a person’s reputation is virtually irreversible. Those in California who have been charged with a DUI should know they have options available for DUI defense. A knowledgeable and experienced legal representative can determine a strategy to achieve the best possible outcome while safeguarding personal rights.

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