Fighting To Protect Your Future

If you are accused of any type of crime, you may feel overwhelmed, confused and unsure of what to do next. You know there is a lot at stake, and building a strong defense is crucial.

I am attorney Christopher Lamiero and my goal in every case I take is to secure the best possible outcome on behalf of my client. I provide experienced counsel for clients in Dublin and throughout the Bay Area facing the following types of criminal charges:

My goal involves more than just keeping you out of jail. I will vigorously fight to keep your criminal record clean, protect your reputation and preserve your future interests.

The Experience And Resources To Help You Through Any Criminal Matter

I am attorney Christopher Lamiero, and I have 25 years of criminal law experience. I understand the serious nature of your situation and am here to provide the honest and knowledgeable guidance you need during this difficult time.

As a former prosecutor, I bring a unique perspective to every case, providing clients with vigorous representation tailored to individual needs and legal objectives. When facing any type of criminal charge in California, The Law Office of Christopher A. Lamiero is on your side.

As a lawyer committed to your success, I will employ all of the resources at my disposal for your benefit. A thorough investigation will determine the appropriate course of action, and I will take quick action to gather evidence and develop a defense strategy that is appropriate for your situation.

When facing criminal charges, you need a legal ally with experience, integrity and dedication. I offer clients the personal attention and aggressive defense counsel they deserve.

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