Facing serious criminal charges can be scary, stressful, or otherwise emotionally overwhelming. Fortunately, Attorney Christopher Lamiero is here to protect your rights and freedom throughout the legal process. Here are some reviews from satisfied clients over the years.
  • This is a law office that cares more about their clients than their paychecks.
    Mr. Lamiero represented my daughter regarding domestic battery. He was not only extremely experienced, knowlegeable, and professional, but very compassionate and caring. The District Attorney did not charge her and she did not have to go to court. He was with her every step of the way and is even following up with her to make sure things are going well. He kept her dad and I informed at all times of what was happening. His work is truly from his heart.
    I called his secretary Rose way to often and some of my questions were repetitive. She always had a smile in her voice and let me know she was more than happy to help. At a very dark time in our lives her smile and caring truly brought some sunshine into our lives. This is a law office that cares more about their clients than their paychecks.

    - Patricia

  • Fair, honest and will keep your best interest and unique needs at the forefront.
    I would highly recommend Chris for best representation. He is a lawyer who listens to you and will take the time to see that you needs are met. I was facing 2 misdemeanor charges and he was able to get my charges dismissed, at a time when my options appeared limited and the likelihood of satisfactory resolution seemed impossible. Not only he was able to defend me from my charges his calm and empathetic demeanor offered emotional support. I found him to be highly respectful, knowledgeable, experienced, responsive , and honest. I would highly recommend Chris to anyone seeking legal representation that is fair, honest and will keep your best interest and unique needs at the forefront. He is well respected in the community and has earned this respect following the value of his faith and commitment to his profession.

    - Muneet

  • One of the greatest lawyers in the Bay Area.
    Mr. Lamiero is disciplined, knowledgeable, and caring legal professional. He has 20+ years of experience as a prosecutor which makes him more powerful than any private lawyer out there in my opinion and yet he is humble in his approach. My first call to him - He was very honest and advised me to seek a family law lawyer instead of his area of expertise. While most lawyers are busy selling fear, Chris sold honesty and realistic expectation. He also calmly educated me on legal terminology and process. It was inspiring and enlightening. These are attractive qualities and so I requested an in person. He listened carefully to my situation, empathized and sympathized to my situation and advised it was best to represent myself, and that he can't take my money. I still hired him. However, after leaving the office, i decided that Chris is probably right and I should represent myself. So I asked for my money back and he gladly returned the money even though there was a signed contract in place. He is a true and effective legal professional who cares, listens, and relates. He has only started his private practice recently and I believe soon he will become one of the greatest lawyers in the Bay Area. Thank you for being you, Chris...and the free consultation.

    - Former Client

  • He worked hard to meet the deadline and went the extra mile when I needed support within my family.

    Attorney. Lamiero was great to work with for my case. His communication was quick and easy to understand. He worked hard to meet the deadline and went the extra mile when I needed support within my family. I am sure I asked some of the same questions five or six times, and he answered as if it was the first time knowing that I was stressed. He was patient and caring during the process, and even followed up afterwards. I had no issues working with him at all.

    - Lori

  • He's a bulldog and tough!
    Chris brings a lot of experience to his cases. His insight from his time with the DA's office aids him in better predicting the possible paths. He is very direct and doesn't sugar coat anything, which I personally love especially for a situation like these matters. He's a bulldog and tough when needed, but knows when the better course is discretion. I would highly recommend him to anyone and anyone who uses him should very much consider his words on these matters, if you like the words or not. And let's not forget Ms. Rose, she is very efficient and knowledgeable in her own right. This duo is a great team.

    - Luke

  • He resolved my case quickly and reduced my charge.
    Christopher Lamiero stepped in when the public defender was not communicating with a member of my family and not delivering information on the "discovery" that we had repeatedly requested and been promised for a DUI charge. After we called Lamiero's office, we received a courteous and prompt reply, had a meeting where all options were discussed, and resolved the case quickly with a wet-reckless plead. Lamiero is an affordable, full-service attorney, who takes the time to communicate everything you need to know about your case and will go the distance for you.

    - Meera