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DUI Defense: Neighboring state enacts strictest DUI law

Driving while under the influence of alcohol has become a very real and dangerous problem in the United States. In California, officials and police departments across the state are making efforts to reduce drunk driving such as increasing patrols, setting up checkpoints and increasing public awareness campaigns. Enacting stricter laws could make DUI defense more difficult. There is also a possibility that California may one day follow the lead of a neighboring state and eventually lower the allowable blood alcohol content level.

The state in question recently enacted the strictest DUI law in the nation. The new law, taking effect in 2019, lowers the legal blood alcohol content for drivers to .05. Although the state involved had the fewest number of alcohol related traffic fatalities out of any state, authorities say driving while intoxicated continues to be a dangerous problem.

Drug crimes: Home invasions can be an unnerving experience

California residents expect to have security and privacy in their homes, and rightfully so. However, it is not out of the question for those suspected of hiding drugs to have their homes invaded and searched by law enforcement. In order for police to legally enter a private residence in most instances, consent must be given by the homeowner or a search warrant must be obtained. Home searches are a common scenario for those who are charged with drug crimes.

Recently, three people in San Diego were arrested on drug charges after authorities said they found numerous drugs during a home search. According to police reports, officers executed a traffic stop for a vehicle code violation and found illegal drugs in the vehicle. Police say they then obtained search warrants and searched a home.

DUI Defense: Crash results in a DUI charge

Roadways across the state of California are over-crowded and constantly congested these days. Increasing traffic volumes make accidents almost inevitable. No person wants to be involved in an accident, but being charged with driving under the influence of alcohol after an automobile accident can be crushing. A Los Angeles woman is seeking DUI Defense after being charged following a recent accident.

The accident happened along state Highway 17 in Santa Cruz County during the late afternoon hours. According to police reports, the woman was driving south in the northbound lanes of the highway. Police reports said the woman's vehicle eventually collided with a Honda sedan.

Domestic Violence: Penalties

A domestic violence charge can be overwhelming and confusing. California takes domestic violence seriously, which is why the consequences for a domestic violence conviction are so severe.

As of 2016, there have been over 8,000 domestic violence convictions in California. If you are facing a domestic violence charge, what are the possible penalties you could be looking at?

DUI Defense: Two arrested at recent checkpoint

Being arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol can ruin reputations and bring about many nights of sleepless of worry. It can also mean months of jail time and steep fines for those who are convicted in the state of California. Arrests have risen in recent years, as police forces across the state have ramped up efforts to combat the ever present problem of drunk driving. Two people must now focus on a DUI defense after being arrested at a recent DUI checkpoint in Temecula.

Police in Temecula set up the DUI checkpoint on a recent Friday night in the 26000 block of Ynez Road. Police say they strategically located the checkpoint in an area that potentially had the best opportunity to deter drugged and drunk driving. According to police reports, almost 1,500 vehicles passed through the checkpoint.

Drug crimes: New California law may expunge convictions

Being arrested and facing criminal charges can be an embarrassing and humiliating thing for any person to experience. Those who have been arrested on suspicion of drug crimes can have their entire lives ruined. These types of charges will show up on background checks and can hamper any attempts at future employment. The state of California has been pretty tough on drug offenders in the past, but a new law may make it easier to omit previous convictions.

Law changes that were recently passed by California legislators allow those who were convicted on charges related to marijuana to have their current sentences reduced or their record cleared. The recent legalization of marijuana in California is driving this change. According to some leaders, it was unfair for those convicted on these types of charges to have their lives continue to be affected by these convictions.

DUI Defense: Glendale police receive grant to help enforcement

It's common knowledge that getting behind the wheel while intoxicated is never a good idea and possibly one of the most dangerous things a person can do. In the state of California, those suspected of driving under the influence of alcohol can face serious charges and potential jail time. In recent years, police forces across the state have stepped up efforts to crack down on drunk driving, which can make DUI defense extremely difficult. However, those who have been charged have options at their disposal.

To help combat the drunk driving problem, the Glendale Police Department recently received a $425,000 grant. The grant was from the California Office of Traffic Safety. Reportedly, the money will be used for enforcement activities such as increased patrols and DUI checkpoints, as well as education.

Drug crimes: Woman facing charges after arrest at a business

Those who are arrested on drug charges in state of California can face tough consequences as well as many sleepless nights filled with worry and anxiety. The penalties for these charges can mean months of jail time, not to mention irreversible damage to permanent records and reputations. Unfortunately, drug crimes are happening more and more across the country.

Police in Beaumont recently arrested two people at a business that they say was also a drug sales operation. According to reports, the business was a tanning salon on Beaumont Avenue. Police said they executed a search warrant and found marijuana along with methamphetamine and heroin in the building.

The circumstances of your theft determine your penalties

In California, three types of theft exist that impose strict punishments on those convicted. Theft, or larceny, as well as robbery and burglary all constitute severe crimes, but the circumstances of the alleged crime will determine an individual’s charge and associated penalties. Should you face conviction of theft, robbery or burglary, you must immediately seek the expertise of an attorney. These acts can imprison you or put you in significant debt, and you want to ensure you have the best defense of your actions in court.

Understanding federal drug crimes for traveling with marijuana

As Californians work through the ins and outs of marijuana legalization, many questions arise. One of these is whether people can travel with the substance, or if they can even bring it into a secure airport in California. According to recent reports, people may legally bring cannabis into Los Angeles International Airport, but those who attempt to carry it on a plane can be charged with federal drug crimes.

Contradictions between federal and state drug laws are one of the most challenging legal aspects of marijuana legalization such as that in California. Those attempting to travel with a substance are at particular risk for federal charges. The high security at airports and seriousness with which the federal government takes trafficking charges should deter a Californian from trying to travel with marijuana.

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