Answers To Your Criminal Defense Questions

After an arrest, you may have a thousand questions about what to expect. You may hear words and terms you do not understand and be unsure how to behave. At The Law Office of Christopher A. Lamiero in Dublin, California, we know that whether you are charged with a felony or misdemeanor, you have a lot at stake. We are there to answer your questions and guide you through the process.

The following are a few of the most common questions people have when facing criminal charges.

Will I Lose My Professional License If I Am Convicted Of A Felony?

While California has passed a law prohibiting employers from asking about an applicant’s criminal history before making a job offer, this does not mean a conviction on your record will not affect your career opportunities. Many professional licensing boards have restrictions on eligibility for those who have criminal convictions.

Depending on the type of license you hold and the circumstances of your case, a conviction may negatively affect your professional future. Having an attorney on your side can improve the chances of avoiding a career-ending conviction.

Should I Accept A Plea Agreement?

Most criminal cases resolve through plea deals. A plea bargain allows you to accept the penalty for a lesser offense, often keeping more serious charges off your record. Whether a plea will benefit you depends on your situation, but no one should accept a plea deal from someone who is not guilty of the crime.

Having a lawyer to counsel you on your best options is critical if you hope to avoid agreeing to a deal that is not in your best interests.

Why Do I Need An Attorney?

After your arrest, you should waste no time seeking the counsel of an attorney who is familiar with California laws and the courts in Alameda County, Northern and central California. You will be facing skilled prosecutors whose goal is to convict you.

Your defense attorney will have the resources to construct a defense that will give you every possible advantage to avoid a conviction of the most serious charges you face. Even a misdemeanor conviction can negatively affect your life for years. I will work to prevent that from happening.

What Should I Do Next?

Your first step after your arrest should be to contact an attorney. Police and investigators should not continue questioning you once you have asked for a lawyer. Obtaining legal advice quickly by calling 510-244-3250 or using our online form can save you from making decisions that could lead to a lifetime of regret.

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