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Defending Against Violent Crime Charges in The Tri-Valley Area

The accusation of a violent crime can quickly overwhelm and disrupt your life. Tri-Valley residents charged with any violent crime face severe penalties. The Law Office of Christopher A. Lamiero can help you fight back. You are entitled to a presumption of innocence, and we will work diligently to protect your rights at every step.

As a former prosecutor, our Dublin violent crime attorney has a unique perspective from both sides of the courtroom. Decades of experience have given Attorney Christopher Lamiero a thorough understanding of the complex legal issues involved in your case. He will employ every resource to build a strong defense for you. Any charge related to a violent crime is serious, but when you call us, you will receive qualified and aggressive legal support throughout the legal process. If you are facing violent crime charges, you can benefit from our experience, commitment to integrity, and dedication.

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Types of Violent Crimes

Conviction of a violent crime will alter the course of your life. A conviction can result in years in prison and other grave repercussions. Your personal reputation is also on the line, which can affect you and your family.

The Law Office of Christopher A. Lamiero provides capable and aggressive defense counsel for people facing serious charges related to:

What are the Penalties for Violent Crimes in California?

Because of the moderate or severe injury or death which can result from a violent crime, they are often charged with felonies. Whether you face felony charges will depend on how much harm you caused the victim, who the victim was, such as a child, elderly person, or someone incapacitated, and your prior criminal history, if any. Threats, coercion, and intimidation can also aggravate violent crime charges. Such crimes may also occur while engaging in another felony, such as robbery or arson.

Allegations of serious crimes merit a severe criminal defense lawyer who will tirelessly work on your behalf. From the initial investigation to any necessary appeals, the experience and tenacity of our Dublin violent crime lawyer can serve your benefit.

Felony convictions in California can result in lengthy prison sentences, heavy fines, and a permanent criminal record. Sex offender registration may occur in violent sex crime convictions. Enforced restraining orders are also commonly ordered in domestic violence and assault cases. Furthermore, for noncitizens, a violent crime conviction can lead to deportation or other adverse immigration consequences.

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Our firm believes every criminal case deserves a strong defense, and we will stand up for your rights and fight for your future. Our Dublin violent crime attorney is not intimidated by severe criminal charges. Through intense investigation of the facts, challenging the state’s evidence, negotiating with the prosecutor, or aggressively protecting your rights and freedom in the courtroom, our firm will fight hard to give you the best chance of a favorable outcome.

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