Fierce Defense Against All Categories Of Property Crimes

Property crimes are complex and involve many levels of severity. If you are facing charges of theft, robbery or burglary, you have too much at stake to take chances with your defense. In Dublin, California, The Law Office of Christopher A. Lamiero is ready to work for you to bring about the best results possible.

Many factors influence the charges you face, and understanding the distinctions and the options available to you is the first step in preparing your defense.


Theft, or larceny, is stealing someone else’s property with no intention of returning it. There are two levels of theft:

  • Petty theft: Property worth less than $950, including shoplifting
  • Grand theft: Property worth more than $950

California has separate charges for vehicle theft:

  • Felony grand theft auto: Stealing a vehicle of any value, with the intention of keeping it
  • Misdemeanor grand theft auto: Stealing a vehicle for the purpose of joyriding or other temporary intentions

Your intentions and other factors can mean the difference between a felony and a misdemeanor. Resulting penalties can include steep fines and months or years in jail with sentence enhancements for certain situations. Facing these charges without the determined representation of an experienced attorney may leave you dealing with long-term consequences you otherwise might be able to avoid.


Unlike theft, which can be a felony or misdemeanor, robbery is always a felony because it is theft committed through violence, intimidation or threat of harm. The two categories of robbery are these:

  • First degree: Robbing someone who is in a cab or transit vehicle, who is using an ATM, or who is in his or her own home
  • Second degree: Robbing someone in any other situation not listed above

As felonies, convictions for robbery can mean years in prison. A penalty that places your freedom at such a risk requires the aggressive defense of a lawyer dedicated to preserving the rights of the accused. I will put my skill to work for you.


Burglary is unlawfully entering someone’s home, business or other structure intending to commit a crime but not necessarily stealing something. Even if you did not commit the offense, the act of entering with the intention of carrying out a crime is what comprises the charge of burglary. Burglary is a first-degree felony if someone is in the property when you enter.

I Will Be Your Legal Ally

The prosecution must prove your actions and intentions beyond a reasonable doubt. Let me stand beside you and fight for your rights throughout this process. Contact my offices in Dublin online or by calling 510-244-3250 to set up a free initial consultation.

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