Drug Crimes: Woman Facing Charges After Arrest At A Business

Those who are arrested on drug charges in state of California can face tough consequences as well as many sleepless nights filled with worry and anxiety. The penalties for these charges can mean months of jail time, not to mention irreversible damage to permanent records and reputations. Unfortunately, drug crimes are happening more and more across the country.

Police in Beaumont recently arrested two people at a business that they say was also a drug sales operation. According to reports, the business was a tanning salon on Beaumont Avenue. Police said they executed a search warrant and found marijuana along with methamphetamine and heroin in the building.

Authorities said they arrested a woman at the business and charged her with possession of a controlled substance with intent to sell, as well as several other felony charges. Reportedly, a 19-year-old male at the business was also placed under arrest. Police say the man was arrested on an unrelated warrant for a misdemeanor.

A drug charge, like any criminal charge, can have lifelong negative consequences for those who have been accused. Charges for drug crimes can follow a person for a lifetime and hamper any attempt at future employment or personal development. Although drug charges are very serious in the state of California, it is important to remember that these are only charges and not convictions. Those in California who are arrested for drug crimes have a right to seek legal counsel. A legal representative experienced in criminal defense can offer much-needed guidance for those who have been charged while protecting individual rights.

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