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If you or someone you know has been arrested for some type of domestic violence crime in the Tri-Valley area, many aspects of your life may be at risk. Domestic violence cases often involve both criminal and civil legal actions. As a result, you could be facing serious criminal penalties along with a restraining order that can put you out of your home and drastically impact your life and family relations. Beyond this, you may end up with a permanent criminal record and the loss of any professional license or security clearance you hold pertaining to your career.

A domestic violence charge commonly begins with a 911 call to your home where police officers who respond must make an arrest when they suspect an incident has occurred. An arrest can be made based on the statements your accuser makes at time which can be false, misleading, or exaggerated. These cases often revolve around family and relationship problems stemming from breakups, divorce, child custody battles, and retaliatory behavior.

At such a life crisis, you owe it to yourself to take charge of your defense by finding competent and committed legal representation. At The Law Office of Christopher A. Lamiero, you can bring your case to a former prosecutor who has built valuable professional relationships throughout the legal industry and whose experience in criminal law spans decades. Our Dublin domestic violence attorney is known for the respect he commands and for the integrity he brings to every defense case undertaken.

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What Is Domestic Violence in California?

Domestic violence is not one crime but a descriptive phrase for many different crimes. It involves criminal behavior directed at someone with whom you have a close domestic, familial, or romantic relationship, such as:

  • A spouse or ex-spouse
  • Someone you live with
  • A parent or child
  • Someone with whom you have had a child
  • A current or former dating partner or fiancé(e)

Crimes directed against these individuals can include:

  • Assault
  • Battery
  • Stalking
  • Criminal threats
  • Violation of a restraining order
  • Child abuse
  • Elder abuse
  • Child endangerment
  • Child neglect
  • Corporal injury
  • Damaging a phone line/device
  • Aggravated trespassing
  • Posting harmful information online
  • Distributing sexual photos of the alleged victim

Domestic Violence Conviction Consequences

A conviction of such crimes can result in jail or state prison sentences, hefty fines, mandatory completion of a batterers’ program, potential alcohol or drug abuse programs, community service, and probation. Where a restraining order has been issued by a civil court, you can be forced to leave your home and subject to restrictions such as being barred from any form of contact with the alleged victim. You may lose custody of your children, ordered to pay temporary child and spousal support or restitution.

If you are a teacher, nurse, pharmacist, pilot, realtor, or other career professional holding a professional license, your license may be revoked leading to a loss of employment. If you are a noncitizen, you may be subject to deportation, denial of a status upgrade or visa, or other immigration consequences. Finally, a conviction will result in a permanent criminal record which can hinder future employment, career advances, housing opportunities, and more.

Possible Defenses to Domestic Violence Charges

Our Dublin domestic violence attorney will craft the right defense for your case. Some common legal defenses to domestic violence charges include:

  • A false accusation was made
  • The action was made in self defense
  • The action was in defense of another person
  • The incident was an accident
  • Any injuries that the victim had was not a result of the defendant’s actions

If you are facing domestic violence charges, our lawyer understands the right avenues to take to protect your rights. Let us fight for you.

Personal Attention from Our Defense Attorney

When facing a domestic violence arrest, you need to fight back with a strong defense. At The Law Office of Christopher A. Lamiero, you can work one-on-one with an attorney who will personally handle your case from start to finish using all of the knowledge, experience, and resources at his command. As a former prosecutor, Attorney Christopher Lamiero understands how the state works to put together its case against you and can use to give you an effective and personalized legal defense.

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