DUI Defense: Crash Results In A DUI Charge

Roadways across the state of California are over-crowded and constantly congested these days. Increasing traffic volumes make accidents almost inevitable. No person wants to be involved in an accident, but being charged with driving under the influence of alcohol after an automobile accident can be crushing. A Los Angeles woman is seeking DUI Defense after being charged following a recent accident.

The accident happened along state Highway 17 in Santa Cruz County during the late afternoon hours. According to police reports, the woman was driving south in the northbound lanes of the highway. Police reports said the woman’s vehicle eventually collided with a Honda sedan.

The collision caused the woman’s car to roll over, but she received only minor injuries, reports said. Authorities said the driver of the Honda suffered a broken leg along with other injuries and was transported to a local hospital for treatment. Reportedly, police believed the woman was impaired, so they placed her under arrest and charged her with driving under the influence of alcohol.

Unfortunately, the woman could be facing jail time as well as steep fines. Although this woman has only been charged and not convicted, her life could still be drastically and permanently impacted. Any arrest could do irreversible damage and negatively affect an individual for the rest of his or her life. Those in California who have been charged with a DUI could benefit by acquiring the services of an experienced legal representative. A knowledgeable criminal defense lawyer familiar with DUI Defense can protect personal rights and provide guidance during this difficult time.

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