Drug Crimes: Home Invasions Can Be An Unnerving Experience

California residents expect to have security and privacy in their homes, and rightfully so. However, it is not out of the question for those suspected of hiding drugs to have their homes invaded and searched by law enforcement. In order for police to legally enter a private residence in most instances, consent must be given by the homeowner or a search warrant must be obtained. Home searches are a common scenario for those who are charged with drug crimes.

Recently, three people in San Diego were arrested on drug charges after authorities said they found numerous drugs during a home search. According to police reports, officers executed a traffic stop for a vehicle code violation and found illegal drugs in the vehicle. Police say they then obtained search warrants and searched a home.

Reports say police found cocaine, meth and several other drugs in the home. Evidence of drug sales and over $20,000 cash were also found in the home, according to authorities. Police say they arrested three people on various drug charges. Neighbors said they were shocked to learn of the arrests. Apparently, the homeowner was active in the community and had lived there for over a decade.

Being arrested in one’s private residence can definitely be a stressful and unnerving thing to experience. If law enforcement did not obtain either a search warrant or consent, any charges could potentially be thrown out. Those in California who have been arrested on suspicion of drug crimes have the right to seek legal counsel. An experienced and knowledgeable criminal defense attorney can protect rights and provide much-needed guidance to those who have been charged.

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