New Legislation Could Make DUI Defense More Difficult

Its common knowledge that driving under the influence of alcohol is one of the most dangerous and reckless things that a person can do. Unfortunately, intoxicated driving has been a very troubling and ongoing problem in California and across the United States. Those who are arrested and charged with DUI can face very steep penalties as well as many sleepless nights of anxiety and worry. DUI defense in California could be a bit tougher in the coming years due to a proposed bill that would lower the blood-alcohol content limit for motorists.

Lawmakers in California are considering a piece of legislation that would lower the amount of alcohol that drivers can have in their systems. The new bill, called AB 1713, would lower the legal blood-alcohol content limit to .05. Currently, the legal blood-alcohol limit remains at .08.

According to supporters of the newly proposed bill, the current blood-alcohol content limit is too high. They argue that the higher limit can leave more drivers impaired thus resulting in more crashes. So far, the neighboring state of Utah is the only state that has adopted a lower blood-alcohol limit for drivers.

Lawmakers and police forces in California and across the country are taking steps to combat the problem of drunk driving. Although DUI defense may become more difficult, there are helpful options available for those who have been charged with a DUI. Acquiring the services of a legal representative could increase the odds of a reduction in charges. An experienced attorney can thoroughly analyze a person’s circumstances and determine the best defense strategy possible. 

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