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DUI defense: Medication use can also constitute DUI

Getting handcuffed and thrown into the back of a police car can be an absolutely humiliating thing to experience. For those who are charged with DUI, the consequences are undeniably serious. Police forces in California and across the nation are stepping up efforts and doing a great job of cracking down on intoxicated driving. However, when it comes to DUI defense, not many people are aware a DUI charge is possible without consuming alcohol.

Drug crimes: New state laws target opioid abuse

Drug abuse is a massive problem in the state of California and across the country. In particular, opioid abuse has skyrocketed over the last few years. According to recent statistics, almost 2,000 California residents die from opioid overdoses every year. Lawmakers in California have passed 14 new laws in the last year in an attempt to significantly reduce these drug crimes.

DUI Defense: Neighboring state enacts strictest DUI law

Driving while under the influence of alcohol has become a very real and dangerous problem in the United States. In California, officials and police departments across the state are making efforts to reduce drunk driving such as increasing patrols, setting up checkpoints and increasing public awareness campaigns. Enacting stricter laws could make DUI defense more difficult. There is also a possibility that California may one day follow the lead of a neighboring state and eventually lower the allowable blood alcohol content level.

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