New Law Means Lifetime Firearm Ban For Domestic Violence Convicts

Lawmakers in California are looking into ways to limit re-offences in cases involving violence in the home. To this end, a bill has been passed by the California legislature limiting gun ownership for anyone convicted of domestic violence in the state. If signed into law by the Governor, the current ten-year ban on gun ownership for those convicted of such crimes will be extended to a lifetime ban.

The move would add an additional lifetime consequence for those found guilty of domestic assault in the state. The goal of the bill is to ensure firearms are not given to individuals at high risk of being violent. Additional gun regulation bills have also been presented to the governor for signing, including increased requirements for concealed-carry permits.

California is not the first state to pass such a law as eight other states currently have legislation on the books enacting stronger gun control laws. It is important to note that federal law also currently restricts those convicted of domestic violence misdemeanors from carrying a firearm. However, limitations in this law give states some room to provide or close loopholes.

While laws such as these may be controversial in the media and public discourse, they hold a more personal meaning for those facing domestic violence charges in California. Even without this law, a conviction for domestic violence has lifelong implications for firearm ownership under federal legislation. Those who are facing criminal charges for such crimes should be aware of these consequences when selecting their plea and selecting a lawyer to defend them.

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