DUI Defense: Two Arrested At Recent Checkpoint

Being arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol can ruin reputations and bring about many nights of sleepless of worry. It can also mean months of jail time and steep fines for those who are convicted in the state of California. Arrests have risen in recent years, as police forces across the state have ramped up efforts to combat the ever present problem of drunk driving. Two people must now focus on a DUI defense after being arrested at a recent DUI checkpoint in Temecula.

Police in Temecula set up the DUI checkpoint on a recent Friday night in the 26000 block of Ynez Road. Police say they strategically located the checkpoint in an area that potentially had the best opportunity to deter drugged and drunk driving. According to police reports, almost 1,500 vehicles passed through the checkpoint.

Reportedly, two people were arrested for DUI at the checkpoint. Eleven drivers were also arrested or cited for driving on suspended/revoked license or operating a vehicle without a license, according to police. Recent studies have shown that 30 percent of drivers in fatal accidents had alcohol or drugs in their system. Studies such as this are prompting police forces to set up DUI checkpoints in cities across the state.

Anyone facing criminal charges in California has the right to seek legal representation. Although very serious, a DUI charge is not the end of the world. A knowledgeable attorney can determine the best possible DUI defense strategy and provide guidance for those who have been charged with driving under the influence.

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