Strangulation Common In Domestic Violence Incidents

The actions that lead to assault charges can vary greatly from single hits to deadly force. In domestic violence incidents, strangulation is a type of assault that is often present but not always well understood. California individuals involved in this kind of criminal accusation on either side may be interested in some of the recent research around strangulation in domestic incidents.

According to the Training Institute for Strangulation Prevention in San Diego, California, between 30 and 70 percent of women who experience domestic violence have also experienced strangulation. Strangulation can have many health and safety consequences, both during the assault as well as afterwards. Often, people who are strangulation victims will appear normal afterwards at the scene, but this is not always the case.

Lack of oxygen can lead to brain damage. This brain damage can also affect internal bodily processes. For this reason, strangulation victims may die days or even weeks later. According to experts on the subject, this is easy to do; pressure in a normal man’s handshake is 80 pounds, yet it only takes 11 pounds of pressure to stop the flow of blood to and from the brain.

According to the Training Institute for Strangulation Prevention in San Diego, California, 70 percent of women believed they were going to die when strangled. If a victim does die as the result of a domestic violence incident, the person responsible for the injuries that led to their death may be charged criminally. Speaking with a lawyer as soon as possible after a violent event is a good idea for anyone who may be facing charges related to such an assault.

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