Technology Is A Game Changer For Many Domestic Violence Cases

New technology is making people more connected than ever. The growing use of smart home technology can allow people to control their appliances, vehicles and other parts of their homes remotely from their devices. While this technology can help many California families live with more convenience, it also raises questions about how abuses of this connection could play into domestic violence law.

There are many ways technology could be involved in a criminal accusation for harassment, stalking or domestic abuse. For example, someone could use security cameras or remote recording equipment to spy on someone. Individuals could also control objects in the home as a way to scare, control or confuse a victim.

Domestic violence advocates and victims say that technology is playing an increasing role in how abusive situations unfold. One of the tech-related violations reported was sharing sexually explicit footage online, which can be captured using a hidden camera. Text messaging can also be used to send harassing messages on a regular basis.

Cyber harassment is not a new concept, and social media is certainly known to have its downsides. While technology also provides new ways for people to abuse intimate partners, it also provides multiple avenues for alleged victims to collect evidence. As a result, recordings from mobile phones, emails and text messages are all regularly considered in domestic violence cases. Those who are facing charges for domestic violence should speak to a California lawyer to understand the legal standards around tech-related criminal charges as well as evidence collected on devices.

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