Being arrested and facing criminal charges can be an embarrassing and humiliating thing for any person to experience. Those who have been arrested on suspicion of drug crimes can have their entire lives ruined. These types of charges will show up on background checks and can hamper any attempts at future employment. The state of California has been pretty tough on drug offenders in the past, but a new law may make it easier to omit previous convictions.

Law changes that were recently passed by California legislators allow those who were convicted on charges related to marijuana to have their current sentences reduced or their record cleared. The recent legalization of marijuana in California is driving this change. According to some leaders, it was unfair for those convicted on these types of charges to have their lives continue to be affected by these convictions.

It is estimated that around 218,000 people will benefit from the law changes across California. Conveniently, the new system to expunge convictions will be automated, allowing for much faster action. The state is taking the initiative on finding those who may be eligible, using the automated system to scan thousands of records.

Other states that have legalized marijuana are expected to follow California’s lead and pass similar laws. The new law is a breath of fresh air for those in California who have been convicted of marijuana-related charges. However, any person who has arrested for drug crimes has a right to seek legal counsel. An experienced criminal defense lawyer can provide guidance while protecting personal rights throughout this process.