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November 2018 Archives

Domestic Violence: Penalties

A domestic violence charge can be overwhelming and confusing. California takes domestic violence seriously, which is why the consequences for a domestic violence conviction are so severe.

DUI Defense: Two arrested at recent checkpoint

Being arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol can ruin reputations and bring about many nights of sleepless of worry. It can also mean months of jail time and steep fines for those who are convicted in the state of California. Arrests have risen in recent years, as police forces across the state have ramped up efforts to combat the ever present problem of drunk driving. Two people must now focus on a DUI defense after being arrested at a recent DUI checkpoint in Temecula.

Drug crimes: New California law may expunge convictions

Being arrested and facing criminal charges can be an embarrassing and humiliating thing for any person to experience. Those who have been arrested on suspicion of drug crimes can have their entire lives ruined. These types of charges will show up on background checks and can hamper any attempts at future employment. The state of California has been pretty tough on drug offenders in the past, but a new law may make it easier to omit previous convictions.

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