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Changes to felony murder law may open criminal defense options

People are often aware of the criminal consequences for individuals who commit violent offenses. However, what about those present at the crime but do not commit any violence themselves? Currently, individuals present at a crime resulting in death in California can be convicted of first degree murder, even if they did not intend to kill. This controversial law, known as the felony murder law, is being reviewed by lawmakers. If the law is changed, it could open new criminal defense options for those imprisioned under the law.

The showdown has finally arrived over California’s bail reform

The state Senate began considering a bill yesterday that would eliminate the bail bond system in California. Supporters of the California Money Bail Reform Act (SB 10) say that the bail system is systematically unfair to poor defendants, and is solely based on an ability to pay rather than reasonable determination of flight risk.

Technology is a game changer for many domestic violence cases

New technology is making people more connected than ever. The growing use of smart home technology can allow people to control their appliances, vehicles and other parts of their homes remotely from their devices. While this technology can help many California families live with more convenience, it also raises questions about how abuses of this connection could play into domestic violence law.

California police now training for domestic violence program

Across the country, many police and law makers are working to better address the issue of domestic violence. Recently, California passed a law expanding the enforcement training on domestic violence. The new training aims to help officers identify whether a situation could become fatal. It will also help officers understand how to better reach out to alleged victims.

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