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Strangulation common in domestic violence incidents

The actions that lead to assault charges can vary greatly from single hits to deadly force. In domestic violence incidents, strangulation is a type of assault that is often present but not always well understood. California individuals involved in this kind of criminal accusation on either side may be interested in some of the recent research around strangulation in domestic incidents.

DUI defense and arrest data challenges Sonoma County assumptions

When people operate a motor vehicle after having too much to drink, they can often face serious consequences. In parts of California known for a drinking culture, such as Sonoma County with its 425-plus wineries, many blame establishments that serve alcohol. It is a common conception that that the majority of drunk driving charges is related to tourists having one too many samples, but arrest data from the area tells a different story about the typical DUI defense in the area.

Yes, police can lie to you during interrogation

Many times people will read or hear about innocent people confessing to a crime and react with skepticism. Why would someone confess to a crime they didn’t commit? The answer to that is easy: the police and investigators are skilled in interrogation. There are widespread public misconceptions about what law enforcement can and cannot do. Police can and do lie to you. It is a common interrogation technique. The following examples illustrate common police tactics that are entirely constitutional: 

Reuben Foster enters final plea in domestic violence arrest saga

It can be challenging to have a court case play out in the public eye, especially one that is high-profile. This is one of the issues San Francisco 49ers inside linebacker Reuben Foster and his former girlfriend faced throughout the media frenzy following his domestic violence arrest. Recently, Foster entered a plea of no contest for a misdemeanor weapons charge, which is the final charge related to the arrest. He was sentenced to community service and probation by a California court. All other charges were dropped.

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